Frequently Asked Questions

I wish to return my shed but I have treated it, can I do this?

We do not accept returns on sheds that have been treated with any type of chemical wood preservative or paint.

Returns can only be made if your shed is in the same condition as when it was originally delivered.

What size base should I construct?

We recommend that your base should be exactly the same size as your shed, this will ensure that water drains freely from the roof preventing pooling underneath.

Do you give a guarantee?

Yes. We offer an excellent back up service and will endeavour to rectify problems you may encounter with your shed.

What are 3x3 treated bearers for?

This option is for customers who have not constructed a concrete/slabbed base for their shed and wish to have their shed erected on gravel/soil/grass.

A set of treated bearers will prevent the base of the shed coming in contact with the ground and allow air to flow underneath.

Do you use sheet materials in your sheds?

No. All of our sheds are constructed from quality sustainably sources timber.

How is my shed held together?

All our sheds are nailed together during assembly.

Coach screws may be used by those customers who wish to move their sheds at a later date.

Please contact office as this will incur an additional cost.

What is the intruder alarm like?

Protect your expensive tools and equipment. This is a powerful 110db alarm.

It comes with:

  • Panic button to raise the alarm immediately.
  • Built-in external and internal alarm.
  • Magnetic switch to protect the door.
  • Adjustable sensitivity impact sensor.
  • Armed/ disarmed by keys provided.
  • 9 volt battery operated, comes with full instructions for use.

£39.99 fully fitted.

It can be chosen as an option on your shed order.

NOTE: Can only be fitted by our installers when the shed is erected.

Recommended where security might be an issue.

What is styrene safety glass?

Does not present a serious danger if it gets shattered

*There is and additional £4.00 per window to the base price of the shed. It can be chosen as an option on your shed order.

Recommended in areas where children will be playing
(Please note that safety glass comes as a standard on playhouses.)

What are heavy duty framing uprights?

Gives the shed extra strength and durability.

Standard framing uprights are 11/2″x 11/2″ (38mmx38mm approx.)

Heavy duty framing uprights are 2″x2″ (51mmx51mm approx.)

Price will depend on the size of your shed.

Ideally for large sheds or where shelving is going to be installed.

What is wood treatment?

We use a dip-treament process to protect your shed. This gives the shed a golden brown colour.

Treatment is carried out at our factory, so it is important to stipulate a preference when ordering your shed.

We offer either-

full treatment: includes both the inside and outside of the panels and base
base only treatment

Key Benefit
Treatment will significantly increase the life of your shed.

Price will depend on the size of your shed and the options that you choose.

We recommend that you at least have the base treated, as you will not be able to treat it once the shed is erected.